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>Thanks To

Giulia Turchio, Riccardino Pio's mother who has done and is doing such a lot for us and for other Italian families;

Emanuela, Superfrancesco's mother who tells us: "never give up!"

Simona, our beloved physician;

the girls of the trustees Pro-Fabullo: Gloria, Roberta, Maura, Alessandra, Sara and Paola who are doing....practically everything;

Sabrina and Massimo for the most wonderful site and blog of the world;

the Municipality of Orio Canavese, to all our Associations, to the teachers of First Grade School
and Kindergarten who are doing a lot of work for us;

Giovanni, author of such touching poems;

local Lyons Club and Leo Club who are thinking about us;

DM Group Committee for its daily activities;

Elvio, our Bank Manager;

Ms. Ivana who involved Italian Post Department.

Franca of the Orio post office

GrafArt Typography of Massimo and Valeria Vitali who printed for us an IMMENSE quantity of leaflets.

San Giusto Canavese Municipality. Special thanks to the Mayor Giosi Boggio.

Drama society 'Boje 'd San Mò' for the charming story of the two horns.

Federica from Udine: Fabullo enjoyed the dancing butterflies!

Ctm of Enrico Grassi for the beautiful banner, a real masterpiece.

Luca Grassi for the graphic art.