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-Beginning of story

- After the Brain Stroke

   Our Fabullo was born with a bad heart malformation: ventricular hypertrophy which means that the muscle partition of his heart is gradually thickening, so the cardiac muscle does not work sufficiently well. He had a heart operation when he was six months old and we noticed some improvement. He was having many respiratory problems when catching even a light cold and was often taken to hospital for therapies. He was, however, an intelligent child, desiring to do things; even with his feeble little legs he achieved some targets.
He was crazy about toy cars and he loved playing with his little sister Michela, who is now seven. A bit naughty like all kids and much determined not to be illtreated by other children. He was a brave and happy child although he lead a complicated life.

In November 2006 his little heart suddenly grew worse and another operation was necessary, this time a quite complex one. The cardiac surgeons did not give us much hope, but after a few hours they told us the operation turned out very well. We were happy, ready to deal with the recovery: intensive therapy, drugs, nourishment problems. Unfortunately two days after the bad news: Fabio had a brain stroke. When out of intensive therapy our child was in vegetative state, did not recognize us, no motion control, no relation whatsoever with the outer world, nourished by feeding tube: spastic quadriparesis.
A nightmare. Very much worse than fighting against respiratory problems and rushing to hospital at any hour as we did before.

Fabullo wasn't the same child any more.

Angela and Paolo, Fabullo's mom and dad