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  After the Brain Stroke
16 months have gone by and Fabullo is surely better: he is present, relates with the outer world, recognizes persons, places and situations, he expresses himself by vocalizations and nods to say yes or no. There seem to be no cognitive problems, but the motion problem is of utmost importance: he can move the right arm fairly well, he can control his head but not his trunk, he cannot sit down by himself. The left arm and the legs are spastic, so movements are impossible, he cannot even change position when in bed.
He is still a lively little kid but sometimes he gets angry because he cannot do what he would like to and is unable to make himself understood. He can now feed himself orally, drinks from a glass, eats everything if cut into small pieces: we think he is a real champion!
He cooperates during therapies as he is very fond of Wanda, his physiotherapist and of Barbara his speech therapist.
The situation is actually very complicated and physicians cannot assure us that he may reach complete autonomy.

Dr. Bifulco of Therapies4kids gave us hopes after having visited Fabullo. Italian physicians expressed contrasting opinions. We examined the situation over and over and decided we should try in order to give Fabullo a chance.
For the time being we plan a three months session in the Florida Center and then we will decide. Our plane is going to leave on October 17th. Fabullo and his mom will stay in Florida while dad will be back in Italy to take care of Michi.
Can you give us a hand?

Angela and Paolo, Fabullo's mom and dad